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Dear Members of the ISF Community,

As part of our continued efforts to standardize the online platforms we use at ISF and your user accounts, please note that as of 8th July you will need to use your full ISF email address as your username when logging in to PowerSchool. The password remains the same as before.

For students:
For Parents:

For families with more than 1 child at the schoool, please continue using the family email address you have been using in the past.


作為我們統一在線平台的一部分,自7月8日起請用你的完整電子郵件地址登錄PowerSchool。 密碼與以前相同。



We recommend always using updated versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari when viewing PowerSchool. The use of mobile devices to view general student information is also supported, however desktop and/or laptop computers should be used when filling in forms or completing registering for school activities.

For Students: please login using your ISF student ID and password.

For Parents: Login using the parent account of your eldest child who studied at The ISF. This will be your family login. Both parents share the same login user account. If you change your family login password, please make sure you let your partner know the password has been changed.

Support for parents can be found here: PowerSchool for Parent

我們建議各位經常使用最新版本的 Chrome、Firefox 或 Safari 瀏覽 PowerSchool 。雖然流動裝置能顯示學生的一般資料,但建議各位在填寫網上表格或為學校活動進行網上報名時使用桌面及/或手提電腦。



您·可在此找到對家長的支援服務: PowerSchool for Parent